How Do I Meet People? (Here are a few ways)

 We offer many opportunities to develop as Christian Disciples.


CHRISTIAN EDUCATION MINISTRIES – FMBC Christian Education ministries provide bible study for all ages teaching the principles of Jesus Christ. Transportation is provided for all programs listed.  Below are those opportunities:

  • Wednesday Evening: We offer a structured bible study program on Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm for children, teens and adults. Members are first offered an opportunity for dinner at 5:30pm.  The study program is a Certified Leadership School based on the National Baptist USA Inc., Sunday School Publishing Board approved format. The curriculum is selected from the Sunday School Publishing Board approved class selections.  Instructors are certified through the National Baptist Inc. USA, Sunday School Publishing Board. 
  • Thursday Afternoonn: We offer a structured bible study on Thursday afternoons at 12:00pm for adults. This study format is a study of the books of the bible scripture by scripture. Our afternoon program attracts many of our senior members. The instructors are senior instructors that also teach on Sunday mornings.
  • Sunday Mornings: We offer bible study every Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. Students are first provided an opportunity for breakfast at 9:00 a.m.  Age appropriate bible study is offered for students as young as 5 years old up to our Adult age classes. The adult classes are gender specific except for our Couples Class which is for members that are married. All classes’ use curriculum-based lessons provided by the NBC USA, Inc, Sunday School Publishing Board and taught in such a way that every student gets to participate and learn.
  • Prayer Service: We offer an opportunity for members to come together for individual and corporate prayer on Wednesday’s at 6:30pm. Time is spent praying for the needs of our church, our local community, our state, and our nation.
  • Evangelism: We offer opportunities for members to receive training on the key components of witnessing. There is also an opportunity for those that are interested to join our street team Saints With A Testimony (SWAT) to go out every 3rd Saturday to witness to the lost. The evangelism ministry meets every 3rd Saturday at 10:00am.
  • Vacation Bible School: This annual study program is held the first week of June. Our VBS program utilizes curriculum from the NBC USA Inc. USA. Evangelistic efforts are used to invite children, youth and their families for a fun filled week of study. The program celebrates a week of learning by sponsoring an annual fishing trip.
  • MISSIONARY/OUTREACH– The ministries below develop outreach opportunities for our members to get involved in ministering to the needs of our local community.

    • General Mission: This ministry group is for women ages 50+. The emphasis is to provide outreach to a variety of community groups. This ministry uses Small group bible study to strengthen its members understanding of biblical principles encouraging evangelizing.
    • Mission in Action: This ministry group is for women ages 25- 49. The emphasis is to provide outreach. This ministry uses Small group bible study to strengthen its members understanding of biblical principles encouraging evangelizing.
    • Brotherhood: This ministry group is for men ages 25+. Men are provided evangelistic opportunities through the many outreach events that include our mentoring programs in partnership with the local school board and housing authority, mentoring to the males of our congregation, our hygiene project for homeless men in partnership with Open Door Community Center, and our annual food giveaway during Thanksgiving and Christmas.  This include the use of small group bible study as well as quarterly educational workshops to strengthen the men understanding of biblical principles encouraging evangelizing.
    • College, Armed Forces; Technical, Outreach Ministry (C.A.T.O.): This ministry helps to maintain a relationship with our young adults graduating from High School. This young adult group of our church provide ministry outreach for college, military, technical school and early-career aged young people.
    • Seniors on the Move for Christ (Over 50’s): Once you get past fifty, the fun has just begun. Whether retired, just plain tired, or active as ever, the over-50 group of Friendship Baptist Church provides educational opportunities, refreshments, fun trips, ministry, and times of valuable interaction.
    • Youth Ministry: The youth ministry of our church is responsible for coordinating meaningful Christ like interaction with Children ages 5-12 and Youth ages 13- 21. Meaningful interactions are inclusive of offering spiritual development and appropriate age specific planned activities. The Youth Ministry leaders work closely with the youth choir, ushers, creative dancers, mime, ambassador and young Baptist Male’s ministries of our church to implement well rounded ministry opportunities. The youth minister and director work closely with the Director of Christian Education in coordinating age appropriate curriculum-based bible study on Wednesday evenings at 7pm.
    • Usher Ministries (Senior, Intermediate and Junior)- Doorkeepers in the house of God, our ushers provide the invaluable service to members and visitors as they enter to worship. We have 3 distinct usher ministry groups that provide for a unique service opportunity.
    • TransportationWe are blessed to have 3 vans and two 25 passenger vehicles and volunteer drivers to pick up members for an array of ministry opportunities. Our transportation ministry also supports the church in attendance to many national programs held throughout the USA.
    • CREATIVE ARTS MINISTRIESSThe creative arts ministries provide additional opportunities for our members to share their spiritual gifts through dance and song.

      • Choirs (United Voices; FYO and our Youth Choir) – Under the direction of our music director these choirs support out Sunday worship as well as a variety of special programs to include accompanying out Pastor when he is guest evangelist.
      • Adult & Youth Dance MinistryWe have two distinct groups. Liturgical Dance, flags and streamers make up the variety of skills of our dance ministry. They perform throughout the year for special programs as well as invites to community programs
      • Mime Ministry- The mime ministry is made up of both youth and adults and provide a unique opportunity of incorporate acting, dance and traditional mime skills into choreographed routines. The mime troupe support many special church programs as well as community programs and have perform in Augusta, GA, Dallas Texas, and St. Louis Missouri.